Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

If there is anything I love it’s a William Powell + Myrna Loy movie! Though this is not the type of movie I usually think of from these two, I still enjoyed it. Perhaps it was more because of Clark Gable’s character; he was an honest man, rather when it came to his childhood friend William Powell, and accepted what was coming to him. There was no resentment to his friend when he married Loy, only happiness for his old pal. However all the characters in this film were honest to one another; there was no quarrels between them, only love. Overall, all three actors did a great job.

I enjoyed the movie and its plot as it was something new and different. Not usually something I would pick to watch if I knew the whole plot, but then again that is why I enjoy not knowing anything about a film.

I think my favorite moment of directing was the use of putting the bars in front of William Powell as he was leaving the prison. As he was walking away from the prison the lights dim as Clark Gable is killed in the electric chair.

While this may not be a movie I put in for awhile, I am still glad I watched it as it is a change from the typical films.


Rating: ♚♚♚1/2


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