Sullivan’s Travels (1941)

I picked up this movie just for the intent of watching my first Veronica Lake film (and Joel McCrea at that) but when I saw Preston Struges was the director, I got a little bit more excited. Thus I popped it into my DVD player and began to relax and watch my usual Friday night.

But boy did I love it! Maybe not my favorite (I still prefer The Lady Eve) but it was very enjoyable. I was quite entertained by Veronica Lake as well; I feel like I say this about every actress but Veronica is truly unique- I could not compare her to any other old Hollywood actress that I have seen. And Joel McCrea was a treat, handsome and very talented!

Sturges directed was unique and I could easily connect with what he wanted the audience to grasp in the scene. One of my favorites was when the chain gang was walking to the Church and the congregation was singing the words “let my people go.” The emphasis on the chains in the shot of the gang coming into the Church, and how he held it there a little bit longer than, in my opinion, other directors would, furthered its meaning.

I would recommend this to any film lover as the story itself is unique, fresh, and entertaining.


Rating: ♚♚♚♚


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