La nuit americaine (1973)

last night i decided to watch La Nuit Americaine, one of the films from the list of foreign films that Priscilla recommended to me. I’d only seen two or three of Truffaut’s films {400 blows, jules et jim, and antoine and colette} and enjoyed them so ~of course~ i figured i should take some time to watch  another one of his films.

This one was very different from the others I had seen. It is a movie about a movie crew making a film. I was surprised by the beginning as I would have never guessed that Truffaut’s “cut!” would follow after a minute or two. Some of the things I noticed myself about Truffaut was the constant mobility of the camera; it seems that every scene the camera is following something or tracking around or panning, etc.

When it came to shooting the film the crew is filming, the two blended very well as if Meet Pamela was the film I was watching; that is until they called cut.

I have to say, there were some lines that I just cracked up. I think my favorite was the one about waiting to shoot until they could find a cat that could act. And then once they did and the cat did what they wanted, they all cheered and played the happiest and lightest music that I had heard in the entire movie. I found that part very funny. Also the line about dropping a guy for a film but never a film for a guy; A+

I loved all the actors and the different personalities they represented in the film.

I recommend this film to any person just starting into foreign film. I think it is a great beginning to it and something anyone can follow.


Rating: ♚♚♚♚


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