Bye Bye Life from “All That Jazz” (1979)

After I watched Jaws, I had a huge obsession with Roy Scheider. I tried to watch a lot of his movies (it ended up being about five of them? Not much I still have some on my to-watch this :) ) and one of the movies I watched was All That Jazz. I had heard of it, seen clips, etc. but really I didn’t have that much of a desire to see it. But I decided to watch it, figuring that I should probably watch a Fosse film, and I LOVED it! Roy did a fantastic job portraying the character Joe Gideon (who’s character is based off of Fosse), he did deserve that Oscar nod. And I love Fosse’s imagination.

I love this part of the movie. I remember thinking when I first saw this clip that the whole film looked this cheap and fake but then once I watched it I realized why it was that way. Anyways, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. I plan on doing a full review at some point and perhaps even an analysis for Moviefellas!


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