Upcoming Releases

I decided that since I want to use this blog more frequently, I’ll have to change things up like add “installments” or whatever so I decided to try this! As of now I’m going to call it “Upcoming Releases” until I have a better title for it but basically this series is going to be about upcoming DVD releases that I’m pretty excited for!

For the first installment I chose Altman’s Nashville. I’m not sure how dubbing a director as (one of) your favorite director works, if it means that you have to watch their entire filmography or just one or two films or what, but I’ve decided one or two films because all I can remember after watching The Player was a ton of fangirling and praising to the gods of movie directors for allowing Robert Altman to enter my life. Okay I’m exaggerating a bit but honestly- I LOVED The Player, content and form wise, but especially form. My first Altman film was 3 Women which I did love as well but it didn’t hit me as much as The Player. So after I watched The Player I added MASH, Nashville, The Player, 3 Women, and all the other Robert Altman films I could find to my Christmas list.

But Nashville! Boy, what perfect timing! Just when it’s getting the Criterion Treatment and everything! I know the basic premise of it and it’s climax (I guess that’s what you would say) from an audio CD set I checked out of the library but nevertheless that’s not the point for Altman’s films, at least from what I have gathered. I’ve watched the trailer at least three times and it never fails to excite me (I’m looking especially forward to Jeff Goldblum!).

The DVD is set to release on December 3rd, so if you are an Altman fan be sure to go to Barnes and Noble! I’m not sure if they are still having their 50% sale (and it’s 60% if you’re a member there!) but it is definitely worth the price of $39.95 as it comes with both Blu-ray and DVD.

Below is the trailer for Nashville. 


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases

    • annieshall November 26, 2013 / 10:57 pm

      ;__; Yes it does. Have you seen any of his films?

      • filmgeekwatching November 26, 2013 / 10:59 pm

        No I didn’t OMG… I watch more foreign films ahahahaha! Why not we help to promote each other’s work. I am planning to watch moar coceteau n my david lean set

      • annieshall November 26, 2013 / 11:01 pm

        Oh don’t worry same here. I need to watch more of everything! Ah but you have the David Lean set! That is awesome! I would love to have that in my collection!

      • filmgeekwatching November 26, 2013 / 11:02 pm

        I have a missing disc of which we serve though D: manage to convince my mum to get it though it was expensive due to the currency exchange

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