Frances Ha (2013)

I only came across Frances Ha because the night the Criterion President and Producer visited, they gave away a copy of City Lights and Frances Ha. Obviously, I knew of City Lights but Frances Ha I hadn’t heard of, also the cover intrigued me (yes, I do judge movies by their covers). I added it to my Christmas list because, why not? If I hate it that much then I will sell to Half-Price Books. Later that week, in my Netflix browsing, I found Frances Ha on instant streaming. After debating of whether I should watch that or another ~important~ film on Hulu, I decided to just go ahead and watch it.

I’m not sure what I was excepting, other than it centering around this girl Frances, but I loved it. Frances was wonderful, even though a few times I cringed at her behavior, particularly when she was having dinner with her new roommate’s friends. Being a 19 year old, I’m obviously not at that point of my life yet where everyone around me is growing up and getting married. This film is a great insight on that and what struggles there are for some people. Though I don’t think I will be stuck in Frances’ position once I’m 27.

Perhaps what struck me the most is how quickly Gerwig kills a romantic storyline; right at the beginning of the film she ends her relationship with Dan. Throughout the rest of the film one of her roommates constantly refers to her as “undateable.” Though this story is not void of a love story; the love story is actually between Frances and her best friend Sophie. Honestly, how many films out there are truly about girls’ friendships sans a boyfriend/love interest aspect? None that I can recall.

My favorite part of the film is at the very end, when Frances “finds herself” and can finally afford an apartment of her own. I could not help but smile at Frances’ smile because that is my dream: to be able to get my own apartment someday, live on my own, work at a job that I enjoy, basically be my own person. It’s a very reassuring ending because I know Frances is going to be all right.

I loved Frances Ha and I hope to see Gerwig write more scripts. She is just the writer to create characters that I want to see on the screen. The camera work and editing was refreshing; and the music too now that I think about it. It all fits this young adult state of mind, I think. Frances is still young, energetic, ambitious, and her own person. Frances Ha is going to be a film I will go back to whenever I need a helping hand in my struggle in becoming an adult, or as Frances says, “a real person.”

Below is the trailer for Frances Ha


2 thoughts on “Frances Ha (2013)

  1. Lindsey December 13, 2013 / 9:06 am

    Y’know, I’ve been seeing so many very positive things about this film on the blogosphere that I think I’m going to have to finally give it a watch this weekend! Your review has given me the final push to add it to my watch list, haha.

    • annieshall December 13, 2013 / 9:50 pm

      Thanks Lindsey! That means so much to me! I hope you enjoy it!

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